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Myself and my colleagues have worked with two of the chaps from Credence (Mark and Chris), they have always been very knowledgeable and truly care about what the client wants and needs.Instead of selling me the standard 25 year plan Chris put in place a 15 year plan because of the bonuses I received and flexibility as apposed to the longer term one I was recommended by other companies (I am 44!).I would happily recommend the company to anyone who wants a knowledgeable and honest financial planner.If you want my phone number for a recommendation please don't hesitate to reply to this.Thanks again guys.

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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #868622

have you ever considered maybe it is a competitor being negative about the planner that I use? I have known them both personally for a number of years and not once was I "pitched".

Very professional from my experiences. If you would like a recommendation please feel free to request my details. The others know far too much about these guys for it not to be personal...Weddings? Owners of other companies?

Grow up it's just a competitor trying to slate other people.

Instead of standing higher than other's HE is obviously trying to lower them. Very bad effort.

to Bored of BS from BS companies #870017

Have you ever thought that as you claim to have known them for many years and that you are a so called friend that they would want to rip you off? They have done good by you as you know them yet ask many others that have come across their techniques.


Just come on this forum and this sticks out like a sore thum. All post point to this bunch being crooks but this one says nice things only? Reckon it must be them trying hide their tracks...............

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