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Hi guys, Please can you inform me of all the details and the names of the directors etc I work for the BBC and we are or hopefully are going to make a documentary about boiler rooms run by Brits abroad

Any info about this boiler room or others would be a great help thanks


Awful. Awful awful .i met with one of these idiots and will never get that time back.......

Wolf of Wall Street all over him.


I would say the opposite. There are so many that they are true and you really are the boiler room full of unqualified thieving Cowboys that they describe.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #901519

What is funny is that upon investigation of all complaints submitted via this website, none can be upheld due to the finding of NO true failures, therefore proving comments are simply being submitted on a regular basis by the competitor rather than the consumer. Very sad and an extreme display unprofessionalism


I met one of the girls who works on their phones out in a club. She told me she is commission only and because the advisers can't sell was offering tricks to make a living. The scammers are for real!!!!

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary #882746

Scammers. I checked these cowboys out and they are full of it.

No license no quals no substance. Full on fakers...

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #876990

I was called by a lady today and she promised me all types of things about their returns and licenses and reasons why I need to transfer my company pension scheme. I therefore checked with my Finance Manager who knows more about these things than me and he has said that EVERYTHING I was told was a complete lie and my 15 year Shell pension is much better where it is.

From the sounds of it everything below is true and I have had a really lucky escape. Surely something should be done to stop boiler rooms like these victimising innocent people like me?

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #871075

Cold calling scammers got me today.....fooled me by calling from a mobile but it was the normal boiler room pitch. They didn't have a scoobie!!!! Scammers will be scammers................but these sink to lowest level possible


I feel sympathy for Credence. Just because someone cold calls you doesnt automatically make them a boiler room.

There are genuine, young guys out there trying to make a living. Not all of them want to rip you off. If you choose to accept their call and end up looking into their financial products then do your own due diligence. I accepted a call from a young guy called Ray there just now, yes his telephone manner was a bit poor, but I could hear that he is just doing a job and trying to get along in life like anyone of us.

I looked them up on google and low and behold, just as I found with all other wealth companies here there are loads of complaints and people branding them as hard sell boiler rooms! ridiculous. I will be attending a seminar they invited me to next week. I have no doubt they will attempt to ask me for a financial review or appointment of some kind after, but that is business?

I can CHOOSE to accept, CHOOSE to take a policy or investment or CHOOSE to say thanks but no thanks. Too many people want to point a finger just because they are using unqualified cold callers to drum up business.

Thats short sighted and prejudiced. Anyone that has never performed one of these roles or been in a company that uses a similar technique must have lived a very sheltered life indeed.

to commonsense1 Doha, Doha, Qatar #858557

If that comment isnt left by Credence then I dont know what is. Slippery hard sell scammers trying to divert attention from there underhand tactics. No one in their right mind would go to a finance seminar with an unlicensed bunch of crooks.

Doha, Doha, Qatar #853833

My wife just told me this lot have been hounding her to move her pension to them. It's defined benefit and when I checked they aren't allied to do this because of Qfc rules. Frauds comes to mind.


I got cold-called by this outfit yesterday. The young lady had a very nice telephone manner & started by telling me the call was part of "a survey".

After asking my nationality, how long I'd worked in the Middle East etc., I was asked about my pension arrangements - the conversation quickly turned into a selling exercise & she became very keen for me to speak to one of the company's "experts", which I declined to do. Later I got an email from this "expert" (who'd got my address from LinkedIn).

Unfortunately he's not an expert in English Language as his effusive declarations about his company's professionalism appeared simply risible. I'm no expert in the Financial Industry, but I know a dodgy company when I see one.


As the CEO of credence I can only agree with this thread. I did mean to get a license but there have been delays and it isn't going to happen anymore so I am just going to rob as many people as possible and then do one Please stop posting on this site as it makes my plan much more difficult.

to Chris Furguson Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #840996

That is a shameful comment Mr Furguson. We will be warning the authorities and press regarding your activities so the needful alerts may be circulated to protect the public.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #833542

I can 110% guarantee that this post was written by another PISSED OFF CEO / financial adviser that has too much time on their hands. Absolutely diabolical that you post on here that you called the police.

Police in Dubai would laugh at you if you went to them with this.

GO AND GET A REAL JOB instead trying to diminish the competition.

- Believe it or not; I don't work in finance any more because of companies like the one you work for, who post on here about other companies and then actively bring the window cleaners, the carpenters and every other tom, *** and harry from the UK / Ireland, sell them the dream of how wonderful your company is and how amazing Dubai is and then when they actually get here, you ruin their life and ruin the reputation of Dubai by selling them a dream.

to Anonymous Worst Nightmare Come #833882

its clear from these rantings that the honest members of the public on this post have hit a nerve. My experience with anthter so called financial advisory business was that your just hand their names and nationailities to the police and they take it very seriously.

This Mr Furguson sounds very dangerous and is clearly trying to leave a good company to set up an illegal one. I am sure he wont gt far....


Anything bought from these crooks is void. No license means any loss can be claimed straight back from the individual.

Just report them to the local police and they have to give everything back plus damages if they are still within the country. Does anyone know where they are based out of?

to Lawyer Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #833543

Lawyer = is that you're dream job before you became a CRM / BDM / RM because you clearly didn't go to law school with that level of English


Another group with no license.

Another group of second rate salesman.

Another bunch of turds

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